The Classic Vaughan

Iindian Lake


Perfect time for courses

Autumn is really the perfect time to join a course. I used to take lots of courses a long time ago, and I even was an instructor myself, in English. If I were to take a course in the fall, then croquis drawing would be my first choice, but there are many other things I would like to test. Acrylic painting is another fun thing, or silk screen printing. I would also like to take a course in French conversation, or Italian. I think what may hold me back is the fact that I work as a teacher, so I ...

Get married in France

Have you ever gotten married or is that still your dream? I do believe that one should get married, but not just for the doing of it, no, more for the love and for staying together. I do believe that having a wedding in France would be the best thing for a new couple and maybe would that be just as wonderful as one might think. I do think that weddings and other nice thing should be remembered by the very best way and one way of getting to this is to have those special moments abroad on very ...